Free bookkeeping course


A free step by step tutorial from journal entry to the Balance Sheet. No previous background needed for this bookkeeping course.

The understanding of bookkeeping is a must in our modern business world.
The introductory online course would help you understand the fundamentals of tax and business reports resulting from bookkeeping data.
The course is written in a simple language.
The basic course is useful for students planning to have a future career in bookkeeping and accounting.
The basics you get from the tutorial would improve your mastering of bookkeeping basics, including opening your own business as a bookkeeper, or getting a rewarding business career.
Our course is free, we really hope that the basic tutorial would encourage you to take more advanced study in future.
The course is based on bookkeeping courses tested with hundreds of students, at different levels.
The course is divided into 11 chapters.

  History of Taxation
  Tax Rates Around the World- Comparison
  World Bookkeepers Associations

   Shortcut to Countries
Austria Brazil
Bulgaria Canada
China Croatia
Cyprus Czech R
Estonia Finland
France Germany
Greece Hong Kong
Hungary India
Ireland Israel
Italy Japan
Latvia Libya
Lithuania Malta
Montenegro Netherlands
Poland Portugal
Romania Russia
Serbia Singapore
Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Tunisia
Turkey UK
Ukraine U.S.A.

  Tax Rates Around the World


  Lesson no 1: The Development of Bookkeeping
Lesson no 2: The debit & credit rules
Lesson no 3: Journal Entries
Lesson no 4: Nominal Ledger
Lesson no 5: Trial Balance
Lesson no 6: Annual Statements (Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet)
Lesson no 7: The Balance Sheet
Lesson no 8: Bank Reconciliation
Lesson no 9: Salaries
Lesson no 10: Tax Deduction at Source
Lesson no 11: Value added tax
World Bookkeepers Associations
  Odds & Ends
Exchange Rates
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Investor Dictionary
English Dictionary
World Weather
This day in Wall St. History
Business Proverbs
Business Horoscope
Business Jokes
Business Cartoons

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The Development of Bookkeeping Bookkeeping: The debit & credit rules Journal Entries in Bookkeeping Bookkeeping: Nominal Ledger
Trial Balance in Bookkeeping Bookkeeping Annual Statements (Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet) The Bookkeeping Balance Sheet
Bank Reconciliation in Bookkeeping Bookkeeping: Salaries Bookkeeping: Tax Deduction at Source Bookkeeping: Value added tax

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